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NXTG Squad


CEO, Physiotherapist

Formations: M.SC., PHT, SPC, FCAMPT, PPAS

“If it were easy, everybody would do it”. – Dominic Baillargeon


His superpowers

Our physiotherapist and founder Dominic Baillargeon is a very welcoming person. Boredom is strictly impossible in his appointments! You’ll likely leave with more knowledge than you had before! He can also spot talent, from miles away, before it’s even talked about. 

His passions

In love with sports and physical activity, Dominic Baillargeon engaged in sport physiotherapy studies with the intention of pushing his limits. Over time, he realized that his passions were way deeper than the physical aspect of his work. His geek side made him reflect on psychological performance, nutrition, sociology, leadership, entrepreneurship, the human race evolution, new technologies, engineering, etc. With a strong desire to make an impact, he created the business of his dreams : Nxt Generation PHYSIO, an ecosystem where his team sets new standards for the world. His business is an environment where anything is possible. After years of practising and learning, we could say that innovating performance methods, in all things possible, would be his strongest passion. 

His approach

Individualization and personalization are key to reaching any goal. In a world full of numbers and statistics, the best way to treat a patient is driven by attentive human contact. Regardless of his academic qualifications and millions of hours in training, Dominic Baillargeon is hands-on and only interested in relevant, meaningful outcomes. For him, taking on responsibility, creating detail-oriented strategies and setting realistic methods and goals are the fundamental elements of an optimal rehabilitation. 


Founder-president of Nxt Generation PHYSIO, certified National sports physiotherapist, passionate about anything performance-related, whether it’s in sports or business, Dominic has worked in notorious sport competitions and sport organizations such as the Tremblant IRONMAN, SPARTAN RACE CANADA, HOCKEY CANADA and the CROSSFIT GAMES. He’s cumulated over 1000 hours in post-graduation trainings and has completed his FCAMPT certification, the highest ranked certification in orthopedic physiotherapy in Canada. Ambitious and innovative, he likes to question the current practices in his field. This allowed him to develop his own approach in preventing injuries and optimizing performances. 


〉 Running

〉 Cycling

〉 CrossFit

〉 Gym training

〉 Hockey


Available in these clinics

Montréal – Saint-Henri



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